The Kartrite Hotel and Indoor Waterpark:   We are excite to partner with the Kartrite Hotel and Indoor waterpark.  GMAP was commissioned to assist in the development and design of the food and beverage operations.  The fantastic resort is show casing:

​     Type of Location                                                                                Seating

1. High end restaurant                                                                           210 guests

2. Amazing Buffet seating                                                                      200 guests

3. Tap Room bar, featuring dozens of beers                                          55 guests

4. Banquet Hall                                                                                      400 guests

5. Room Service                                                                                    400 rooms

6. Waterpark mezzanine bar and Cabana service                                 150 guests

7.  Waterpark Grill                                                                                  1,500 park users

8. Candy Shop that services all guest at the resort.

GMAP has been working with ADG, Benchmark, ADCI and Suffolk through out the two year development.

Welcome to and back to anther season. We are currently taking sign ups for the next season. Your sponsors and waterparks will be highlighted next month.

Be sure to listen to a message from your commissioner. 

As operators or future operators, we need to provide a path toward revenue success.

 5 key steps will lead you towards your goal.

1.  Lead customerstowards revenue points.  

Customers must walk directly through spending opportunities.

2.  Develop a master plan

Consider: wages, technology, rides...

A great plan provides perfect performance.

3.  Attraction and activities that allows our guests a longer length of stay.  

Thus provides higher opportunities of in park revenue.

4. Making your revenue opportunities an experience that guest will enjoy.

Guests enjoy visually watching their burger being grilled, building their own necklace and creating unique dessert experiences.

5.  Work with Industry professionals that have the true experience to provide guidance and expertise.

Roaring Springs Waterpark. Boise ID.

Wahooz's Family Entertainment Center, Boise ID.

Wet N' Wild, Las Vegas NV.

Gulf Islands Waterpark, Gulfport MS.

Island Waterpark, Fresno CA.

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Theme and Waterpark, Hot Springs AR.

Wake Island Waterpark, Sacramento CA.

Neptune Island Waterpark, Hartsville SC.

Adventure Park Family Entertainment Center, Lubbock TX.

Water World, Hyland Hills CO.

Zoom Flume Waterpark, East Durham NY.

Wave Waterpark, Dublin CA.

Deep River Waterpark, Lake County IA

Andretti Indoor Go Karting and Family Entertainment, Orlando FL.

Graceland Gladys', Memphis TN.

Graceland New Exhibit Hall, Memphis TN.

Kartrite Hotel and Indoor Waterpark, Montcello NY.

Wild Rivers, Irvine CA.​

Global Management Amusement Professionals are honored to work with the following project developments.


2018 Operations, Management & Consulting Partners



We have been selected to partner with Elvis Presley home team.  We are working with Graceland to re-model and integrate technology at Gladys' restaurant.  Not only have we provided assistance and opportunities for better service, we designed a new exciting theme element throughout the restaurant.  We want to recognize Studio Interiors and their amazing decorative and design work.  GMAP can't wait to see all of the elements in action this Fall 2018.

5 Key Planning Steps for Your Success







Global Management Amusement Professionals assisted in the development and operation of Neptune Island Waterpark.  Working with fantastic City team members, the park has opened and has sky rocketed in revenue during their first few weeks.  GMAP assisted with the management team in their operations and provided revenue master planning.  GMAP would also like to recognize the amazing theming provided by Derick Biddiinger and team.  Check out the themed trailers and marvel at the imagination and talent,

Global Management Amusement Professionals won a competitive bid process to assist the City of Dublin Waterpark.  We were selected to develop, operate and manage their concessions stand.  We have provided the site with a summer manager, coordinated venders, provided training, and currently operate the location while serving amazing products.  The Wave team has been fantastic to work with and we are so proud of their initial season.  They have successfully surpassed all per cap expectations.




Design & Development

Wake Island is a fantastic and unique park.  This adventure park located in Sacramento is ahead of the game on all levels.  The fantastic manager and family ownership have taken a real interest in providing quality food to match their top notch attractions.  GMAP is thrilled to partner with this team to enhance food and beverage experience and profitability.  Their per caps and quality product is hard to beat.  Customers are coming to their windows thanking them for taking back their f&b operations.  I highly recommend checking out their park and the unique Wake Board Attractions!