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A comprehensive and unique professional development program that mentors current and future management team members on maximizing your parks' bottom line.

Participants will focus on proven revenue management and development techniques to advance their knowledge and skill sets in operating their waterpark and resort. Education is targeted towards in park revenue sources, increasing in park spending and customer experience. Each participant will walk away with a guaranteed road map on how to increase in park revenue!


Days: Jan 16 (Sunday) through Jan 18, 2022 (Tuesday)

Daily Class Times: 8am to 6:00pm

Bonus 1- Extra time, if requested, can be scheduled in advance after class hours, to help review parks needs and successes.

Bonus 2- Register to take your Serve Safe Manager test at the University! (Must be arranged in advance)

Bonus 3- University will be providing amazing team building games throughout the education for all graduates to use at their parks.

What students need to bring to maximize success:

1) Lap top or Ipad

2) Copies of all training materials

3) Copies of all usage reports from vendors

4) Spec sheets from all providers on each product purchased

5) Copies on all menus

6) Map of the park

7) Attendance reports for the previous season

8) Full season detailed sales reports by categories

9) Schedules of staff

10) If possible links to POS and vender sites to access further details

DAY 1: University will be at host hotel- Arizona Grand Resort

Part 1: 

1) Revenue mapping your park and creating your campaign

2) Your park's designed Cost of Goods Sold versus Actual Cost of Goods

3) The adventure of understanding the difference between waste and usage reports

4) Planning for the future and running your theoretical by location

5) Red light / green light

Lunch break we are on our own/groups

Part 2:

1) We will be diving into technology from digital menu boards and point of sales

2) Understanding the core of designing kitchens and how to advance their current layouts

3) Rentals go or no- go and how it effects your parks operations

4) Catering class 101- successful strategies

5) Mad Scientists and creative geniuses - Scenarios and Concepts

DAY 2: University will start at host hotel- Arizona Grand Resort

Part 3: 

1) Labor Management- how to lead with a pitch fork or a bouquet of flowers

2) Vendor Management- getting the best out our partners

3) Reading the tea leaves- Hourly sales reports versus menu and attendance

4) Training techniques and the bowl of doom

5) What's in your tool kit- Build sheets, open and closing check lists, QR codes, menu cards...

Bonus 4- Lunch on site at Golfland Sunsplash and tour

Part 4: 

1) Philosophies of the cashiers and difference of operational plans of attacks

2) How to create your own front line and leadership training programs

3) Revenue Mapping Part II

4) Challenges in training teams and ways to overcome the mountains

5) Wishing I had a chef

DAY 3: University will be at host hotel- Arizona Grand Resort

Part 5: 

1) Numbers don't lie- reporting and tracking your success

2) Inventory Management- the challenge of the yellow pad of paper

3) Cabana Service Success! The stories you want to hear and those you learn from.

4) Birthday school

5) Recruitment- Grabbing Success

Lunch included


1. Putting together your action plan for your park for 2022

2. Teach back scenarios and Team development

Every student will be walking away with a clear action plan, detail numbers and an amazing training program for their leaders and front line!

Register Here:



Course is $799

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