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Allow us to partner with your organization. We offer both long term and short term contracts and pride ourselves on service, success and bottom-line maximization.

​GMAP also offers management services.  Allow our team of industry leaders to take on the day-to-day management responsibilities and functions at your resort.  GMAP has a strategic method for improving operations, driving in revenue and cutting expenses. With 120 years combined experience, a strong track record and proven results, GMAP is ready to take your facility to the next level.



We have successfully operated or partnered with the nations top brands in municipal and private parks.  We have created and implemented global scale marketing programs as well as grass root start ups.  Our professional team has always succeeded in our customers objectives and direction. Our promotional events excel to increase attendance and park recognition beyond the normal operations.  Some events are now staples to a parks schedule of success.


Solution and Mentoring Provider

We have worked with and assisted small to large scale parks throughout the country.  We have developed parks from concept to complete implementation and operation. We have successfully partnered to increase the bottom line of each organization.  We guarantee you will have success through our design, programs and operations.


Our creative team has developed and implemented hundreds of camps and programs with age appropriate skills, lessons and games.  We are the creators of Adventure Camp for waterparks.  We are proud to have thousands of kids and parents wanting to come back each season to experience and create everlasting memories. Plus, we have developed and implemented swim lesson education and educational programs for school districts to come and participate at your parks.


We must ensure business by developing a sales program with the ability to drive in revenue and increase the bottom line.  This is no easy task.  In order to reach our overall objectives, we must know and understand the value of each team member's skills and assets.


We are and have been some of the leading aquatic professionals for the past few decades. We know what it takes to develop, maintain and operate a successful Aquatic Team.  Our team has participated with the leading aquatic certification programs.  Some of our team members have even created the criteria for the certifying corporations.  1. Developing and implementing emergency action plans, 2. Managers, Supervisors and Headguards mentoring, 3. Coordinating facility wide trainings, 4. Labor management systems and cost controls and

​5. Risk Management follow through


From front gate operations to setting pricing structures in place, we have done it all.  We believe in the first impression! To be successful every guest must feel welcomed.


We as operators must know the importance of flow to emergency paths.  As simple as parking can be it can lead to very complex problems. Let us drive you through our path to a successful parking operations.


Allow us to work with your team members in mentoring, developing and growing their and your opportunities.  We focus on building a team and a success base programing.  We work with all levels of management and operations.


There are several layers to a successful retail operations and each layer will add to the per caps of your facility.  With the right product mix and store layout, we will provide you with a complete package to successfully brand your resort.


Lockers, inner tubes, and cabanas will create and provide additional revenue to any park. Each extra dollar will help us reach our financial objectives while enhancing our customer experience.


The maintenance division can easily become an out of control financial burden when not managed properly.  As mentioned, our team has seen and experienced multiple attractions and operations.  Our organized and strategic standard operating procedures allow us to successfully operate multiple sized parks and locations.




Developing reporting systems to monitoring results. ​How to manage the administrative positions including POS, IT, Banking, Insurance, asset management and much more. ​Developing risk management (local, State and Federal Regulations).

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