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A Food Service Consultant with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Global Management Amusement Professionals brings a unique expertise for all client’s endeavors with the culmination of operating the food service for some of the country’s most iconic waterpark venues such as the H2OBX  NC, Kartrite Hotel NY, Wild Rivers CA, Gulf Island Waterpark MS, Wild Waters Adventures CA, NRH2O TX, Red Oaks Waterpark MI, Roaring Springs Waterpark ID, Splashtown TX and many more.

GMAP has negotiated contracts with some of the most respected service and vender brands, such as; US Foods, Sysco, Reinhart, Ben E Keith, Gordon Foods, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dip N Dots, Mini Melts, Berk Enterprises, J&J Snacks, Whirley Drink Ware, Gold Medal and more. Take a look at our portfolio page to see a sample of our partnerships.

GMAP's true hands on experience in actual food and beverage operations places GMAP as a leader in the industry with an extraordinary track record of managing, operating and supervising venues in more than 17 states and over 100 restaurants.  We have serviced millions of guests through our clients year after year assuring success through quality product, operational effectiveness and maximization of profitability.

Our Capabilities:  GMAP's portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategic development to help companies determine the best way forward with precision and confidence. GMAP can create any concept to design and beyond opening day.

Clients rely on us to define clear, practicable solutions for their challenges and opportunities while seeking our support during their transition, ensuring they have the relevant capability and commitment to growth and development.

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